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ello, this will another review from Etude House’s Wonder Pore collection. The Wonder Pore Freshner/Toner.
I realized since I am looking to care of my pores I should consider purchasing the toner from the collection as well (and also I was in desperate need for a good toner).
I was going to purchase the 250ml but decided to get 500ml since that time it only costed €11.38 O_O
It was impressive reading the above contents. Like all other Wonder Pore products its 7 in 1. It was a bargain and I had to try it. 
Capacity : 500ml
Pore astringent toner with antiseptic properties removes oil, dirt, germs and residues for clear, healthy skin. 
"Astringentlex : Pore Constriction Chrysanthemum : Anti-Inflammatory Care Rice & Lemon : Exfoliation & pH Balance Care"

  1. Deep cleanses pores
  2. Control overly produced sebum
  3. Keeps ideal Ph balance (Ph 5)
  4. Tightening pores
  5. Brightening the skin tone
  6. Preventing enlarging of pores
  7. Prevent skin trouble

Ingredients listed above, like all toners for oily skin Alcohol  is always present. I was aware of this guess that is why the toner is very fragranced. But it contains no parabens, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, artificial pigments or animal fat.

"I’m the Wonder Woman for your pores"
LOL What?
 I really do not get why they are referring the toner as a person. 
The packaging is very nice, I do not think I have seen a toner like this in Ireland. It is very convenient no spills or accidents while using.
To use it push it down and the content will be dispensed (I actually had trouble with this, had no clue where  it opened from)
I usually use two pumps using cotton pad to wipe my face after cleansing only at night though.
The smell is really strong but after using I definitely felt a difference.
Over all I was very impressed with this for its price I didn’t really know what to expect.  
The smell is not unpleasant but for me it seems strong, usually with my past experience with astringents they seemed to sting my face because of the alcohol content but this one was fine.
I have been using this for 1 month and noticed minor changes. It does deep cleanses my pores but again does not do much for oil control. Surely after prolonged use this will make a huge difference. I intend to keep using it until my face clears up.
7 in 1
  1. Deep cleanses pores: Yes
  2. Control overly produced sebum: Not so much
  3. Keeps ideal Ph balance (5): I am not sure
  4. Tightening pores: Slightly
  5. Brightening the skin tone: Slight change
  6. Preventing enlarging of pores: Yes
  7. Prevent skin trouble: Yes
The Wonder Pore Freshner was purchased from Jolse for €11.38 but now it is €16.86.
Product information and a picture is credited to This was not sponsored.

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